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Our friends and family members listed here are usually retired breeders and Ragdolls that we just couldn't give up. While we would like to keep them all, it just isn't possible but there does always seem to be room for one more!

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GP,RW SuPurrRags Sky Rocket
What a guy this wonderful boy is ! He loved showing and Was a ONE SHOW GRAND for us and a CFA Regional winner and earned #1 Ragdoll Premier Nationally, 26th Best Premier Internationally, Region 4 Best Premier! What a run we had. He is now a beloved pet in our home.


SuPurrRags Splendor
TICA Supreme Grand Champion - Seal Bicolor
CFA Grand Premier & Regional Winner

What can I say about my precious Splendor. I knew she was special shortly after she was born.
She is laying in my lap as I type this out.
She did everything I asked of her in the show hall but we would have loved her either way.
Now retired and literally in the lap of luxury, her lines continue through her children and grandchildren.

BW,RW,GC SuPurrRags Sonic
CFA #1 Ragdoll in the World 2012-13 Show Season
Regional Winner/CFA Grand Champion - Blue Lynx Bicolor Male

Sonic. Click on his name for more info.

SuPurrRags Sylvester
CFA Grand Premier & Regional Winner - Blue Bicolor

Sly is my bed buddy and always snuggling up next to me all night long.
He is always happy when it is time to watch a movie in our house
as he knows that I will be sitting still for awhile and so his favorite lap time.
He did wonderful in the show hall including being the first Ragdoll Premier Regional Winner in CFA's Region 4.

Unfortunately in November of 2018, we lost our beloved Sly at the age of 14. He will be forever in our hearts

SuPurrRags Spree
CFA Grand Champion and CFA Grand Premier - Blue Bicolor

Spree is a beautiful and sweet girl and is the daughter of Splendor.
She earned her Grand Championship in CFA as a young girl and when I retired her,
I took her back out to she show ring as a 6 1/2 year old adult and she earned her Grand Premiership.
I am so proud of her.

SuPurrRags Stryker
Blue Mitted

What is there to say about Stryker...he is 25 plus pounds of pure love.
Stryker was never a breders as he was born with a defect that we had repaired. There is a story about him on my webpage Meet Stryker
No way we could give him up with all of the time spent with him. He became a part of our hearts.

Stryker passed away at 13 1/2. He had a great life and we miss him greatly.

SuPurrRags Sabrina
TICA Champion - Blue Mitted

Sabrina was born in 2001 and has always been one of my favorites.
She is a a constant and loving companion of mine. She lays by my side.

SuPurrRags Sweet Dreams
TICA Champion - Seal Mitted

Sweetie is the closest thing that we have to a dog now. She stands with her back feet
in my husband's lap, front feet on his chest and licks his face like a dog.
She loves to get him up in the mornings by laying on his chest and licking him. What a character she is.

SuPurrRags The Survivor
Seal Lynx Mitted

We call her Sassy but she really was a survior and so named. She was only 1.8 ounces when she was born.
With constant hand feeding she was still struggling at 3 weeks old and even the vet gave up on her at one point. But Sassy had the will to survive and is now a big, strapping girl.
We got too attached to give her up so another one was added to the family.

CH SuPurrRags Saffire
TICA & CFA Champion - Seal Bicolor

What a fun loving girl Saffire is! She has been found sleeping with her paws around my husband's neck at night.
She is always looking for a good time. She has already produced some great kittens and is now reitred and my husband's best buddy although she loves everyone.


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