Auction Instructions & Information

All bids are to be sent to

1. Put the word AUCTION and the NUMBER of the item (which is listed to the left of the item name) in the SUBJECT line of your email

2. In the body of the email, list the item NAME that you are bidding on along with the number of the item again, and the AMOUNT you are bidding for it.


Recheck the site often to see if your bid is still the top bid and if the item has a minimum bid, your bid must be above that amount. If someone has outbid you, then please resubmit another bid if you are still interested in the item. Be sure to refresh your browser when you recheck the site to be sure that you have the current bids showing.

Bidder needs to keep track of their last bid to know if they are still the high bidder. If two bids are received for the same amount, the first bid received will be the high bid and the 2nd bidder must rebid. Bidder may contact the person running the auction to see if their bid is the high bid

Auction will run until MIDNIGHT, Thursday NOVEMBER 1st, 2007. It will end at midnight EST. I will not accept any bids dated after midnight. Please give me time to put up all bids after that time.

Bidding may be closed at any time and without notice. The person believed to be the highest bidder at that time, will be contacted and payment by money order or PayPal for the item, shipping, and any insurance will be requested must be paid within 10 DAYS of notification or the next highest bidder will be contacted. An address will be provided at that time.
NOTE: There will be SHIPPING COSTS added to these items and the amount may need to be paid with a different money order to the shipper of the item.

The auction and the people running it, are not responsible if the winner is dissatisfied with the item purchased. Item descriptions are by and the sole responsibility of the contributors and are delivered "as is," with any return or remedy for failure of the item to be consistent with the description being a matter only between the contributor and the high bidder. Items not paid for promptly by the current high bidder may be sold to the next highest bidder.


If you would like to add a banner to your website to promote the Ragdoll Researh Auction, please "right click and *save as* to your hard drive, then upload to your server into your images folder or where you upload your images to. Link it to Thank you!