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I can't say enough about my Ragdoll family. I've had 4 of Sue's cats and I couldn't imagine a single day without a Ragdoll in my life. You haven't been loved 'till you're loved by a SuPurr Ragdoll. Sue is genuinely concerned about the care and placement of each and every one of her furry babies. She is more than just a great breeder, she's been a great friend! Dawn M (mom to Misty, Cody, Abby & Bailey)


"Isabella is a sweet independent girl. She is still growing at 1 years old. Not a person comes into my home without saying "What a beautiful cat". She is more stunning everyday, and lots of fun. She is playful and loves to watch the birds and the cats next door. She will do anything for a treat !! She is my companion, my "big Ragdoll", and my "little diva". Sue was very knowledgeable at making a good match between myself and the kittens. She was also there for me after the sale with any questions and advice. I would definitely come back to SuPurr Ragdolls." Teresa

Emily & Bob
My experience with Sue was terrific. When I decided that I needed to find ragdoll kittens to share my home, I did my research and talked with several breeders in the area. Two of them independently recommended that I talk with Sue. In speaking with her I was convinced of her knowledge of the breed and devotion to the well-being of her cats and kittens. Sue took the time to find out about my home and to match me up with a beautiful pair of kittens - Bob and Emily. She was also careful that the kittens were well-suited to live with each other. I am absolutely thrilled with Bob and Emily. They are happy, healthy and rapidly growing kittens. They've adjusted beautifully. Clearly, they got a great start in life with all the love and care necessary to develop into well-socialized cats. Bob is just an absolute boy - all full of himself till his smaller, but faster sister Emily goes dashing past. Emily will hang back a bit and let Bob lead the way into new adventures, but she's turned into such a cuddler. I adore them both. My experience working with Sue has been absolutely wonderful. Jodi


After much research, Sue's cattery is the best. Her kittens have beautiful temperaments,are very socialized and healthy. She understands the personality of her kittens and will only place them in a home that would be appropriate for their happiness. Sue is more than willing to answer questions or concerns a person may have. We needed a kitten that would be able to get along with two older yorkies who have never been around cats. Sue found us the perfect kitten and our Teddy is everything we were hoping for and then some. I would highly recommend Sue as a breeder and I know if I ever get another kitten it will come from Sue's cattery


Lizzie and her friend Rosey
"After researching information about the Ragdoll breed, I wanted to know more. I met Sue at a cat show and asked her questions about this wonderful breed. She was so passionate about this breed and gave me a wealth of knowledge. I knew this was the person I wanted to get my Ragdoll from. Sue's number one concern for her cats/kittens is for their health, temperament and to make sure her kittens go to a good, loving home. My Lizzie is a true joy to have in our family. She is a loyal friend and companion, not to mention a beautiful big girl! I look forward to getting another new addition to my family from Sue. I wouldn't even consider another breeders. Thanks Sue !!" Kelly


"To Have a Supurr Ragdoll Kitty grace your life, "you truly are the lucky one"! Supurr Ragdoll Kitty's are everything the Ragdoll Breed stands for, and then some! When I started to look for my kitty I researched several breeders. But something always took me back to Sue Shorey. Sue truly loves all animals, not just her ragdoll kitty's. She was always ready to answer any question or concern with no problem at all. After talking to Sue several times, actually several times for about a year as a matter of fact, Sue taught me even more about the ragdoll breed. I instantly knew that this most exquisite breed, was truly a breed to be treasured. Skipper is just our darling!"Mr. personality plus" He is the ultimate lap kitty,and is always ready to be loved. He NEVER turns it down. Skipper loves his tummy rubs, and is always the first to greet us at the door. He loves to chase and play with our other Cats. Skipper is just a happy buddy of a Cat. I can't thank Sue enough for this most healthy boy with the sky blue eyes, and the Supurr disposition. Thank-you Sue and Bill, for all the love, care and hard work you put into these kitty's. So they can have a great start at life and a wonderful loving forever home!" Brenda

Stargazer & Kasey

Star & Topaz

"Sue, I am impressed with the care for each pet you bring into this world. You breed, raise and then send off to loving families--but stay in touch with them and act as a resource after the purchse. That says a lot about your breeding style and I think it is an important thing to consider when purchasing a purebred. You don't stop after the kitten rides home -- you are available 24/7 for the remainder of the cat's life because you care.

I love these girls and I can't wait to get home and see them every day. The ragdoll cat is not just a cat--it's a little person full of personality. They are like a mystery gift in that each one has its own distinct character. Be prepared for tongue baths that last 15 minutes long, purring that could compete with a tiger. Be prepared for wanting more than one ragdoll !" Mary & Eric


Rosie & Mark
"Having a husband who was only used to the feral-street cats of Istanbul, Turkey and a 7 year old son who is Autistic, I thought my dreams of owning a Ragdoll cat would never be. Sue Shorey was a wonderful help in bringing my hope to reality. "Rosie" has come to our home with a powerful love to give. She plays tag with our son, peek-a-boo with my husband and during the day when I have peace, Rosie brings me love and kisses. Her place is as one of the family." Alice


"Matissa is the most loving, adorable, intelligent and just plain fun kitty that I have ever had. She is a joy in our home! I am so thankful to SuPurr for the care and love that is given to the raising of their kittens. It really shows in our beautiful Matissa!" Gwen

"Sue Shorey/SuPurr Ragdolls cattery sets the standard for all other Ragdoll breeders. Sue's priorities are the health, temperament, and safety of her kittens. If you are lucky enough to get a SuPurr Ragdoll, you'll have a beautiful, happy kitty becoming a member of your family." Lorrie



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