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SuPurr Kittens


"Not knowing much about the Ragdoll breed, Sue Shorey of SuPurr Ragdolls was more than willing to answer our questions; and she did so in a passionate and enthusiastic manner. We could really tell that Sue's kittens were bred for health and temperament, and raised with love and care. Having Tinka has put a wonderful "spark" into our lives! She is loving, loyal, and never fails to entertain us! Thank you Sue Shorey for such a wonderful, lively girl....
" ~Lyndsey and Michael

Dolly Ressinger (Front) & Teddy (Back)

"Sue's cats and kittens are so loved and cared for. You know from the moment you walk into the house. They greet you at the door with their affection and playful ways. My family from myself and my 2 girls and even my husband. Each of us enjoys having them with us. We get so much entertainment and love from them. From the moment I open my eyes in the morning ~ all through my day to the moment I close my eyes at night, they are a part of my day. And it all goes back to where they came from. With a great start at life and their care from Sue ~ they are nothing short of little angels." Robin



Ozzy & Halo

"We were very pleased to meet Sue and her "kitty family". She has an amazing ability to know and understand the personality of her kittens and really care about each one of them. Sue has a uniquie ability to match the family and kitten to meet the needs of both. We are delighthed with our little guy. We asked Sue if she had a "rompin-stompin" male...and that's exactly what Gizmo is....just a true buddy and a "hoot". Karen

Danny & Bailey




Daisy taking over the dog bed

Daisy is our third kitten from SuPurr Ragdolls who joined her two year old brothers Bailey and Cody. We would highly recommend Sue as a breeder. Sue takes great pride in her kittens and does a beautiful job raising them. If we ever considered buying another Ragdoll kitten, Sue would be the only breeder we would deal with. Carrie, Mark, Rachel, Abby, Cody, and Daisy

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