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Glamour N Glitz
Owned by KissyKat Ragdolls




"While doing research for a new kitten I came across the Ragdoll. I emailed many breeders about the breed and Sue Shorey was full of information and I could tell she loved her cats and had their best interest at heart. I fell in love with them and I ended up getting four wonderful cats from Sue. She is the best!! And if I have any questions or concerns she is always there to lend a helping hand. I would never get a kitten from anyone else." Amy




Reggie, Muffin, Molly
We got two kittens of the same litter from SuPurr Ragdolls. These kittens have added more fun to our lives and we enjoy watching them interact. We also have two large Great Pyrenees dogs and another cat. The second day home we put up a gate so the kittens could see the dogs and cat but also feel safe. Reggie, our male Ragdoll, immediately jumped to the top of the gate and jumped out of his room. He joined in with the dogs right away and the dogs were a little surprised by his fearless introduction to them but they got along fine. It took Muffin, or female Ragdoll, a couple more days to feel comfortable but in under a week we were one big happy family. Now the cats sleep on our bed with the dogs, walk under the dogs, stand under the dogs and all are happy. It took our resident cat a little longer to decide they were OK but the kittens immediately were ready to play with her.

Our vet said we got two healthy and beautiful kittens. They came to our home literbox trained and also understanding about using a scratching post. They are very social when we have company and are out and about and our family and friends think they are adorable. Before we got our kittens we drove to visit Sue at her home. We found that the kittens are raised in excellent conditions. We feel very confident in Sue as a breeder of Ragdoll Kittens. Steve & Gail Dembickie, Indiana.

Purrball and friend Cheddar



Owned by Galaxy Ragdolls


Sue has been a wealth of information for me regarding my cats. Not only was she a big help when first purchasing my cats but she continues to answer questions I might have. She truly is a dedicated cat breeder that is in the profession to breed healthy cats.



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