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SuPurr Kittens  Photo by Nancy McCallum

CH SuPurr Ragdolls Skeeter: Seal Bi-Color
Photo by Jim Child All of our Ragdolls are DNA tested for, and free of, both the RD and MC HCM (heart disease) mutations that are currently available for testing. The ragdoll breed is so fortunate to have this test available. It is important that any breeder that you contact is doing this!

I was one of the breeders that got this research started so feel free to ask me any questions that you might have.

PLEASE NOTE: There is someone telling people that I have two cats with HCM and that I don't test my breeders to be sure they are free of HCM. This is NOT TRUE!
I am the one that got testing started for HCM back in 2006-07 and the researcher discovered the Ragdoll mutation in 2008. ALL of my breeders have been tested and have been NEGATIVE since that time ! I do still have two PET Ragdolls that carry the mutation and one is 13 and the other is 16 years old and have never been breeders! I am not ashamed that I kept any that were found to carry the mutation and get them scanned regularly.
This miss information is spread for their own gain so BEWARE of these stories and be sure that they have THEIR breeders tested !"

We have a home in mid Michigan dedicated since 1997 to having healthy, cuddly, and beautiful Ragdolls. Each cat and kitten is raised as a part of our family. My breeder girls are not overbred. We do not have a lot of litters at one time so that the kittens are given the attention that they desire and deserve.

They are exceptional cats with a unique personality and a real love for people. I'm sure that you will be happy if you make the decision to add one of these cats to your family. Go to our Gallery of Ragdoll pictures and see some of our breeders, pets, and kittens. Not all of the cats on this site are still here but they have been a part of our family at one time or another.

GC SuPurr Ragdolls Strudel  Photo by St Arnaud In searching for a ragdoll kitten, please be sure that you are getting it from a reputable breeder and that you kitten is a purebred ragdoll and not a mixed breed kitten.

See my Buying a Ragdoll Kitten for some suggestions of what to look for.

For over 20 years we also bred, raised and showed Arabian horses to the National level but have now retired from this. Take a look at our Arabian horse page at:
Schalara Arabians

Purchasing Information

SuPurr Ragdolls Stryker  Photo by Nancy McCallum
All kittens leave here spayed and neutered. A $50.00 deposit is required to hold a kitten for you and it is non-refundable.
We have a Health Guarantee and the kittens are given their vaccinations by my veterinarian where they are also given a health check. We try to match up the kittens to their new homes and to buyers requests as close as possible. We DO NOT allow our kittens to be declawed or to go outdoors. The kittens are usually ready to go to their new homes at 12 weeks old. We reserve the right to select, change, or cancel placement of kitten at our discretion. If withdrawal of kitten is our decision, deposit will be returned.

Please feel free to call us or email us at any time to inquire about kitten availability and any questions about Ragdolls that you may have!

Email: SupurrRagdolls@tds.net

Bill & Sue
Eastern Michigan
SuPurr Ragdolls Sam: Seal Lynx Point

Members of:
Vice President & webmaster of RAG, Webmaster of RFCI, Formerly President of RFCI (for many years) and Past Director of RBC,

Ragdolls of America Group

CFA Breed Council Member


Photo by Nancy McCallum

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